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Progressive companies around the world are learning the role that lifestyle plays in illness and disease. Did You Know…that 75% of all healthcare spending in the US is attributed to unhealthy lifestyles? Businesses are discovering the incredible return on investment achieved by offering a properly designed wellness program for their employees. In fact studies show that every dollar invested in employee wellness provides a return of $5.93! That’s nearly a 600% return on investment.

Why should you be concerned with Employee Wellness?

Research shows that Employee Wellness Programs have the following benefits:

  • Average 28% reduction in sick days
  • Average 26% reduction in employee health costs
  • Average 30% reduction in workers’ compensation and disability claims

Adventure 212 Fitness is your connection to powerful corporate wellness services that will help you increase employee health and reduce health-related company costs and losses.

Enlist the experts at Adventure 212 Fitness to take charge of your corporate wellness program! We can provide the following:

  • Data Collection to Drive Health Efforts
  • Personal Interest Surveys
  • Health Culture Audits
  • Health Risk Appraisals
  • Biometric Screenings

Wellness Seminars

  • On-site seminars that captivate and motivate your employees to make positive health choices
  • Topics include: Health, Nutrition, Exercise, Wellness, and Emotional Wellbeing

Corporate Challenges

8-12 week company-wide challenges designed to achieve corporate goals

Sample programs include:

  • Mission Maintain – weight maintenance program during the holidays
  • Race to a New You – this 12 week weight loss challenge helps employees learn positive nutritional habits
  • Healthy Overhaul – get employees moving with this 8 week challenge

Wellness Coaching

  • One-on-One coaching provides employees with the tools to change their wellness habits through the power of personal, individualized support.
  • Group Coaching gives participants the benefit of working alongside others who are dealing with the same issues.
  • Topics include weight loss, time management, relationships, parenting, nutrition, smoking cessation, exercise, and emotional wellbeing

On-Site Exercise Classes

The convenience of popular 30 to 60 minute group fitness classes right at your workplace

Massage Services

The Adventure 212 Spa can offer your employees an opportunity to refresh and recharge without leaving the office! We bring massage services to your workplace! Happy Employees = Productive Employees!


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