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Home Bistro Beverage Menu

Drink To Your Health!

If carbonated sodas and energy drinks have you feeling a little bored, the Adventure 212 Bistro has the cure for the common beverage! From tempting fresh fruit smoothies, "pick me up" specialty coffees, mochas and lattes, to complete meal replacement smoothies, the Adventure 212 Bistro offers the most extensive menu of smoothies and nutritional drinks in the area. Bring your kids to sample from our fun kid's drink menu!

Our smoothies and nutritional drinks are so delicious you won’t believe that you’re eating healthy!



Locally roasted, Fair Trade 12oz. $1.50 / 16oz. $1.99


12oz. $2.25 / 16oz. $2.75


12oz. $3.00 / 16oz. $3.50

bistro-bulletHot Tea:

12oz. $2.25 / 16oz. $2.75

bistro-bulletHot Chocolate:

12oz. $2.50 / 16oz. $3.00

bistro-bulletSteamer with Choice of Flavor:

12oz. $2.00 / 16oz. $2.50

bistro-bulletChai Tea:

12oz. $2.75 / 16oz. $3.25

bistro-bulletIced Tea:

12oz. $1.89 / 16oz. $1.99


12oz. $1.89 / 16oz. $1.99

bistro-bulletBerries A'more Smoothie:

12oz. $3.50 / 16oz. $3.95

bistro-bulletMango Tango Smoothie:

12oz. $3.50 / 16oz. $3.95

bistro-bulletTropical Thunder Smoothie:

12oz. $3.75 / 16oz. $4.25

bistro-bulletAntioxidant Blast Smoothie:

12oz. $3.75 / 16oz. $4.25

bistro-bulletChocolate Peanut Butter Peel Smoothie:

12oz. $3.75 / 16oz. $4.25

Our Goodness Pledge

We take good care of you, ourselves and the earth. We support our local farmers, and use organic produce, eggs and meats as much as we can. We make what we can in-house: jams, granola, dressings and more. We use fair trade coffee purchased from a local roaster and organic bread from a local bakery. We recycle glass, plastic, cans and paper, and use biodegradable packaging. We compost and use it in our on-site gardens, saving tons (really!) from our landfills each year. We think BEING good TASTES good, don’t you?


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