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Meet Our Trainers

Adventure 212 Fitness Personal Trainers

If you want results, personal training is the best way get them. When choosing a personal trainer, consider this:

The results you achieve are always a product of your trainer, the training program, and your personal commitment to the process. At Adventure 212 Fitness we take the profession of personal training seriously. All Adventure 212 personal trainers adhere to strict guidelines regarding initial client sessions, strategic goal setting, customized session preparation and cutting edge client progress reports.   Additionally,  personal trainers at Adventure 212 Fitness are hired based upon educational backgrounds in an allied health field and must maintain current, industry recognized certifications. 

Chad Sparling

Chad Sparling, Fitness Director

ISSA-PT, NWI-Certified Wellness Practitioner

Bio: Fitness has always been a passion of mine, with the desire to turn that passion into a career I am happy to be part of the Adventure 212 Fitness team. I received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Promotion/Wellness with a minor in Nutrition from UW-Stevens Point.  I also hold a certification of Wellness Practitioner through the National Wellness Institute. After graduating from UWSP I was fortunate enough to join 212 as a personal trainer. After two years of hard work and continuing education I was promoted to Lead Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant. Fast forward two more years and I’m now privileged to work with the finest personal trainers in central Wisconsin as Adventure 212’s Fitness Director.

Health promotion and all around wellness offer an immense number of benefits that can easily become part of one’s lifestyle. Whether you are a competitive athlete or looking to incorporate a sustainable, healthy lifestyle; I am confident that the knowledge our trainers possess will allow you to achieve your goals.                                                                  

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Mary Frances Walters

Mary Frances Walters, NASM-PT

Bio:  Hi, my name is Mary Walters. I am originally from Fish Creek, WI. where I grew up no stranger to physical labor,  bailing hay and picking cherries. I am the youngest of three very athletic children who have all turned fitness into a career. My brother is the head golf professional at Oneida County Club in Green Bay, and my sister is a Physical Education teacher in Janesville. I was a three sport athlete in high school and then went on to play college volleyball right here at UWSP. At UWSP I earned a Bachelor’s in Health Promotion/Wellness with an emphasis in personal training and facility management. I also have a minor in coaching and I am a licensed massage therapist. After I graduated I took a position as a personal trainer and massage therapist in Green Bay where I spent 4.5 years before returning to Stevens Point to join the Adventure 212 team.

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Nicole Manthey

Nicole Manthey, ISSA - PTC

Bio:  I am married with two children.  I decided to follow my dream and leave corporate America behind to pursue a fitness career.  Along with a personal training certificaion, I am a Group Fitness Instructor with a Group Exercise certification.  I am also certified in Les Mills Body Pump, Mossa Group Kick.  In addition, I teach several free style classes including Butts N' Guts and Bootcamp.

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Joe Stranz

Joe Stranz, BS Pre-Physical Therapy

Bio: Since a very early age you could find pictures of me wearing a Packers helmet I had gotten for Christmas or holding a brand new pint sized baseball glove.  Between school sports, spending time with friends, or helping family with farm work I have always been an active person.  As I grew older and progressed in different sports, areas such as off season training became more prevalent and key to my improvement. 

My interest in food and nutrition, training methods, and workout design began to rise which caused me to choose a health related major at the University of Stevens Point.  Throughout my college career I worked as a bartender in order to pay for school and my daily needs.  This is where I really discovered my love for working with people and the relationships that are built because of it.  I really enjoy getting to be around people and hopefully improve their day in some way. 

Now that I have attained my Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Physical Therapy, I am looking to share my knowledge with those who are seeking advice and wanting to change their lives for the better

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Ethan Borchardt

Ethan Borchardt, BS Health Promotion and Wellness, NSCA-CSCS

Bio: I didn’t realize my passion for fitness until my last year of high school. Throughout my time in high school I was always the “chubby kid,” and I finally had enough of all the low self-esteem and low self-efficacy that came with it, so I started to exercise. I realized that as I invested my time, and made improving myself a priority, my goals seemed more reachable, and my obstacles seemed smaller. Since that time, I have continued my fitness journey through obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Wellness from UWSP and will continue on to grad school in the future. My fitness journey has taught me empathy, positivity, and prioritization. I want to be the person to help you break down your barriers and succeed in anything that you wish to accomplish!  

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Shannon Kitowski

Shannon Kitowski, ISSA-PT

Bio: When I graduated high school, I attended UW-Milwaukee to pursue a career in dance. However, this was cut short, due to painful, debilitating injuries suffered during my third year. After taking time off, I eventually earned a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Physical Therapy from UW-Stevens Point.

However, it was not until 2012 that my passion for fitness truly developed and took shape. I was involved in a car accident involving hospitalization and extensive rehabilitation for my injuries. After my accident, I sore to myself that I would do everything in my power to never feel as weak or as vulnerable as I did then. I adapted a personal trainer and began training in boxing, muay thai, strength training and high-intensity strength training circuits, and I haven’t look back since.

I am excited to be a part of the Adventure 212 team, and look forward to meeting all of you and discussing your fitness goals – whatever they may be!

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Celia Sweet

Zach Chomicki, NASM PT

Bio: Growing up I was always relatively overweight, rarely exercised or payed attention to what I ate, but always dreamed of being in shape and looked up to fitness models/bodybuilders. I never thought it would be possible, but one day in my sophomore year of high school I decided enough was enough and made the vow that I would reach my goal no matter what. I spent all my free time in the gym and researching everything I could about fitness/nutrition. Eventually, my passion grew from general fitness to bodybuilding, and I recently competed in my first competition, taking   1st in my class. When I came to UWSP, I was looking to be a Game Warden for the DNR, but quickly learned my true passion was helping others reach their goals as well. Currently, I am in my senior year at UWSP majoring in Health Promotion/Wellness and am ready to help people reach their fitness goals!

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Renee Giese

Renée Giese, NASM-CPT 

Bio: My name is Renée Giese. I am married to a wonderful man and the mother of two beautiful children! I love to laugh, socialize, exercise, and spend time with friends and family. You may have seen me around, I've been a Group Fitness Instructor here at Adventure 212 for 5 years!  I teach two Les Mills formats: Sh'bam and BodyPump! About 2 years ago, I decided to get a personal trainer to reach my own goals, and in doing so I learned that I have an incredible passion for fitness. Eventually, I decided to get certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) to be a Personal Trainer. In March 2017 I achieved that goal, and I'm excited to bring my love of fitness to an individual level and help others achieve success in their fitness journeys. I am so thankful to work at a gym that I love, with employees and members that are like family. In the future I hope to broaden my horizons with additional certifications, and I am currently working on an AFAA program.

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Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith, ISSA-CPT

Bio: Growing up in a town of 500 people, there isn’t much to do.  Even before I could walk I had some sort of ball in my hand.  So growing up, my time was filled with being active and playing sports.  I’ve been a multi-sport athlete all my life, and that’s where I learned the importance of teamwork, how to be a leader, and the value of hard work.  After highschool, I attended UW-Marathon County where I was a captain on the men’s basketball team and was part of multiple conference championships.  I am currently attending UW-Stevens Point, majoring in Business Administration/Management. 

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Nathaniel Kropidlowski

Nathaniel Kropidlowski, ISSA-CPT

Bio: Outdoors is a way of life for me and being active follows along with it. I have always been known for my spontaneous thrill-seeking life so do not be surprised if you hear me talking about skydiving or mountain biking for fun. My passion for sports and adrenaline compliments my desire to finding new ways to becoming fitter. Besides being an outdoor fanatic, I also have received my Bachelor of Science in Pre-Occupational Therapy and a minor in Psychology from UW-Stevens Point. I am looking forward to pursing my interests and furthering my education in grad school as a licensed Occupational therapist.

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