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Nate Kropidlowski

Nathaniel  Kropidlowski

Certification Level: ISSA-CPT

Personality: Encouraging, Driven, and Optimistic

Availability: Morning-Evening

Hometown: Stevens Point, WI

Health and Wellness Specialties: Strength Training, High Intensity Interval Training, Circuit Exercises, Bootcamp/Team Bonding Workouts, Weight Reduction, and Nutritional Advocate.

Sports Training: Football, Baseball, Snowboard, Wakeboard, Mountain Biking, Track and field.

Bio: Outdoors is a way of life for me and being active follows along with it. I have always been known for my spontaneous thrill-seeking life so do not be surprised if you hear me talking about skydiving or mountain biking for fun. My passion for sports and adrenaline compliments my desire to finding new ways to becoming fitter. Besides being an outdoor fanatic, I also have received my Bachelor of Science in Pre-Occupational Therapy and a minor in Psychology from UW-Stevens Point. I am looking forward to pursing my interests and furthering my education in grad school as a licensed Occupational therapist.

Certifications: ISSA-CPT

Training PhilosophyMotivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”

The Reason I Became a Personal Trainer:  I found a common trend among three reasons to why I enjoy being a trainer. I love meeting enthusiastic individuals who can share their goals, who are eager to build relationships, and to push pass their struggles.

Why I'm So Passionate about Fitness: Aside from the multiple health benefits, the connection between fitness and personal growth is the reason why I exercise. I see fitness as a tool that brings insight into what our minds can achieve. I truly believe by letting ourselves grow physically we can fully understand and appreciate who we are mentally.

My Approach to Training People: By laughing together and building a bond I can incorporate workout plans that specifically compliment your life.

The Most Important Aspect of Fitness: We all start from the beginning with plenty of imperfections, so instead of looking backwards try to look forward.