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Celia SweetZach Chomicki

Certification Level: ACSM-CPT

Personality: Motivated and always up for a challenge!

Availability: Evenings

Hometown: Oak Creek, WI

Health and Wellness Specialities: Strength Training, Muscle Hypertrophy, Weight Loss, Nutrition

Sports Training: Bodybuilding

Bio:   Growing up I was always relatively overweight, rarely exercised or payed attention to what I ate, but always dreamed of being in shape and looked up to fitness models/bodybuilders. I never thought it would be possible, but one day in my sophomore year of high school I decided enough was enough and made the vow that I would reach my goal no matter what. I spent all my free time in the gym and researching everything I could about fitness/nutrition. Eventually, my passion grew from general fitness to bodybuilding, and I recently competed in my first competition, taking   1st in my class. When I came to UWSP, I was looking to be a Game Warden for the DNR, but quickly learned my true passion was helping others reach their goals as well. Currently, I am in my senior year at UWSP majoring in Health Promotion/Wellness and am ready to help people reach their fitness goals!

Certifications: ACSM-PT

Training Philosophy: Don’t stop when your mind tells you to, your mind will give up long before your body does.

The Reason I Became A Personal Trainer:  I started off not knowing what I was doing and know how hard it can be to make change with all the bad information out there. I want to help people reach their goals the right way.

Why I'm so Passionate About Fitness: I know from firsthand experience how good it feels to accomplish a goal you never thought was possible, along with all the other mental/physical benefits of being in shape.

My Approach to Training People: Learning each individuals goals and helping them reach them while pushing them to be the best of their potential.

The Most Important Aspect of Fitness: Letting fitness enhance your life instead of control it.