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Nicole Manthey

Nichol Manthey

Certification Level: ISSA-PTC

Personality: Serious, Funny & Friendly

Availability: Early Morning, Mid Morning, Mid Day, Afternoon

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA   

Health and Wellness Specialties: Weight Management, Toning

Sports Training: Bootcamp 

Bio:  I am married with two children.  I decided to follow my dream and leave corporate America behind to pursue a fitness career.  Along with a personal training certificaion, I am a Group Fitness Instructor with a Group Exercise certification.  I am also certified in Les Mills Body Pump, Mossa Group Kick.  In addition, I teach several free style classes including Butts N' Guts and Bootcamp.

Certifications: ISSA PTC

Training Philosophy: Don't stop doing it because it's hard, keep doing BECAUSE it's hard; once it becomes easy change it!  Why?  If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you; if you want to change, you need to make changes.

The Reason I Became a Personal Trainer: I too have struggled with food choices, weight issues and committing to working out.  I understand the challenges of the balance between wants and needs, the struggle to get where you want to be, and actually being there.  I have overcome these struggles and understand the rewards, and they are endless!!  I want to help motivate, encourage and push people toward their dreams.

Why I'm So Passionate about Fitness: Fitness is an amazing part of life we all take for granted.  Not only is it great for your body, it works wonders on your life!  It's amazing for stress management, focus and dedication in everyday life.

My Approach to Training People: We are all different...our bodies, our focus, our approach in everything we do.  Each person needs to be handled and appreciated as such, individuals.

The Most Important Aspect of Fitness: Embracing it, loving it and doing it for YOU!!