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What is Action Group Training?

Action Group Training is small group training facilitated by one our certified training staff.  You will typically work out in a group of 10 or less and get some personalized attention from the trainer to help you reach your goals, yet do it with the comfort of a support group!

What Action Group Training does 212 offer?

We offer 3 different Action Group Training programs!  Click on the links below to learn more!

7 Reasons to Fall In Love with Action Group Training!

1.  Economical –  1:1 Personal Training provides the most personal attention and greatest opportunity to succeed. Some people, however, may find that AGT fits into their budget better and still gives them the attention they need

2.  Variety – By working with a knowledgeable fitness professional, your workouts will change/evolve as you progress, preventing hitting a plateau and boredom.

3.  Camaraderie – Let’s face it, workouts love company. Sharing the workout enhances the experience for participants. 

4.  Motivation – Having someone exercising right beside you can push you a little harder than you might do on your own.

5.  Support – Both the Trainer and other participants are there to help you get through the challenges of the workout and the obstacles in life.

6.  Fun – Yes, fun. The right exercise program done with friends can definitely be fun.

7.  Results – When you stick with a well constructed program, you will get the results.

Call Chad Sparling at 715-343-0212 ext. 271 or email for more details on our Action Group training programs!

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