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Chad Sparling

Chad Sparling - Fitness Director

Certification Level: ISSA-PT, NWI-Certified Wellness Practitioner

Personality: Cheerful, Efficient, Hardworking and Humorous

Hometown: Rhinelander, WI  

Bio: Fitness has always been a passion of mine, with the desire to turn that passion into a career I am happy to be part of the Adventure 212 Fitness team. I received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Promotion/Wellness with a minor in Nutrition from UW-Stevens Point.  I also hold a certification of Wellness Practitioner through the National Wellness Institute. After graduating from UWSP I was fortunate enough to join 212 as a personal trainer. After two years of hard work and continuing education I was promoted to Lead Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant. Fast forward two more years and I’m now privileged to work with the finest personal trainers in central Wisconsin as Adventure 212’s Fitness Director.

Health promotion and all around wellness offer an immense number of benefits that can easily become part of one’s lifestyle. Whether you are a competitive athlete or looking to incorporate a sustainable, healthy lifestyle; I am confident that the knowledge our trainers possess will allow you to achieve your goals.                                                                                   

Certifications: BS- Health Promotion/Wellness; National Wellness Institute, Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP): ISSA College of Exercise Science, Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT).

Training Philosophy: Success at anything comes down to two things, focus and effort. We control both.

Why I'm So Passionate about Fitness: It allows everyone the opportunity to control their health, quality of life and the ability to shape one’s body.

The Most Important Aspect of Fitness: The ability to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Program Philosophy: I believe the Mission Statement of Adventure 212 says it best-To serve the community by providing an inspirational wellness environment where people matter, results count, and passion for excellence drives everything we do!

Our team of professional trainers will hold you accountable to your fitness goals, give you the knowledge you need and push you harder than you are willing to push yourself to get the results you want and deserve.