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  • Adventure 212 Fitness Success Story
  • Adventure 212 Fitness Success Story

Adventure 212 Fitness Member Stories

Adventure 212 Fitness is an incredible place to work out, have fun and get the support you need to make positive, lasting change in your life. But don’t just take our word for it. Read this story of someone just like you who has achieved results and found happiness at Adventure 212 Fitness.

Being members of Adventure 212 Fitness since 2007, we have been impressed with the customer service since day one. Our contacts have been with the people at the front check in, workout area desk, administrative staff, class instructors, personal trainers, Bistro staff, housekeeping and maintenance staff. Their friendliness and professionalism reflect the “customer first” attitude. It’s so nice to walk in the front door of Adventure 212 Fitness each day knowing that you are going to be pleasantly greeted and treated. We have come to expect first class customer service and that is exactly what we have received!  Barry & Doris - Adventure 212 Members Since 2007

I really love coming to Adventure 212 Fitness to exercise. Although it’s hard to motivate myself at times I always feel so much better afterwards. In conjunction with the Community Weight Race and my goal  to stay active and be healthy, I’ve really made huge progress. With eating right and actively exercising using different machines and various routines at least 3 times a week, I’ve  lost over 10% body weight since January 2013 and, approximately 20 pounds! I’ve told a lot of other people to come to Adventure 212 Fitness since they offer so many services.”  Donna - Adventure 212 Member Since 2010

From childhood, I’ve always been active and an avid exerciser. When we moved to this area, Adventure 212 Fitness wasn’t established yet, and my family and I didn’t have a ton of exercising options from which to choose. After Adventure 212 Fitness opened, we decided to join as a family. I’m pleased we did. Since then I’ve been able to see all of the positive changes and benefits that Adventure 212 Fitness has offered my family. There are so many different types of classes, and that variety gives me so many more options to really enjoy my cardio and strength-training workouts. I have met so many interesting people who are also motivated by exercising and keeping healthy. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and always willing to lend a hand. I’ve enjoyed classes from Aquatics to Zumba Toning, with my favorites being Body Pump and Zumba. I look forward to trying new classes in the future. Adventure 212 Fitness makes my workouts fun!  Jackie- Adventure 212 Member Since 2009

From the moment one enters Adventure 212 Fitness, you know you are genuinely welcomed by warm smiles. Adventure 212 Fitness is a welcoming organization and that is reflected by the quality of the people that work there. Ted - Adventure 212 Member Since 2011

Adventure 212 Fitness is a special facility for the community. It offers something for everyone, both young and old. It has a marvelous and wonderful staff, who are always kind and helpful with your needs and request. I view Adventure 212 Fitness as part of my extended family. For me it is a privilege to be a member of this wonderful facility. Our area is very fortunate to have such a facility! Al - Adventure 212 Member Since 2011

I’m writing to acknowledge the good that the Joints in Motion class has done for me. Although I had a fear of water, I was told by my physicians and physical therapist that water exercises would be the best for my back pain, which was so severe I could only sit for about 10 minutes at a time. I entered the shallow end of the pool with great apprehension and stayed there cautiously trying to do the movements, afraid of the water and making my pain worse. Gradually, I found my way to deeper water and more flexibility and strength. I like the way Aggie encourages people to work at their own level and help those who may not understand the correct way to move. Aggie also shares a lot of information about how or why certain exercises benefit our muscles and joints. Aggie is a great upbeat instructor that shows us all how to have fun while putting us through our paces. Thanks for all you do Aggie, I love the class!  Jan - Adventure 212 Member Since 2009

The water exercise classes at Adventure 212 Fitness are top notch. I am particularly enjoying the Joints in Motion class. The instructor Aggie is a great leader and keeps our joints moving a solid 55 minutes. It almost feels like giving yourself a massage. Between walking my dog twice a day and participating in Joints in Motion regularly, I feel I get a great work out. Keep up the good work! Today I can work for 4 hours in my yard. Two years ago I could not do that. Thank you!  Joan - Adventure 212 Member Since 2008

Entering Adventure 212 Fitness is always a pleasure for me! I’m looking forward to a good workout when I go in, and I’m greeted at the front desk by pleasant people who have a real smile. That’s just such a pleasant way to begin, a day, seeing a grin that’s sincere.

I’ve never had a conflict with the 212 personnel. If I have any kind of questions, they either have the answers immediately, or they tell me they’ll “Check into it” and  they do!

I’m old and I love to tease. Those fine young people  have learned to joke with me, and they’ll even tease back now. They’re not just well-trained, they’re courteous and kind. If I were the boss of the “Front end” group, I’d be proud of them for their great service.  Cherry - Adventure 212 Member Since 2011