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Monday 10 November 2014

Contain Yourself!
Contain Yourself!

Posted by at 7:32 AM

Contain Yourself!

I’m a cook once, eat thrice kind of woman, and I often eat on-the run. I need containers to pull that off; here are the food containers I can’t live without.

Glass Storage Sets. These glass storage containers with plastic lids look suspiciously like eating bowls with covers...and I use them as such. When I make a recipe, extra portions go into a 4- or 6- cup container and right into the fridge for a grab-n-go lunch or heat-n-serve dinner for another night. The wider diameter lessens the reheating time and larger size lets you mix it up without making a mess. They also stack well, saving room. Anchor Hocking and Pyrex are common brands.

Freezer Bags. I have to admit, the Ziploc brand does seem to hold up better in the freezer. I use freezer bags for soup and other soup-y foods. It’s easy to press the air out and freeze flat. When it’s time to defrost, put the flat bag in a bowl of cool water and it will defrost quickly.

Glad Twist’n Loc Food Storage Containers. These containers are sturdy, stack well, and because the lid twists on and off, you’re not fighting to seal it or remove it. I have the one-cup and two-cup sizes, which have markings for ½ cup and 1 cup respectively. If I need a grab-n-go cold breakfast (like something that I can eat in the car on my way from the gym), I’ll put 1 cup of greek yogurt and some fruit in the 2 cup container and ½ cup of granola in the 1-cup container. (I don’t like my granola mushy.) Then I’ll repeatedly sprinkle a layer of granola over the fruit/yogurt as I eat my way to the bottom.

Insulated Bag. There are a lot of insulated lunch bags out there. I have a flat-bottom bag that accommodates the 6-cup glass storage bowl. There’s enough room for a couple of smaller containers if I need to bring a couple of snacks with me.

Having the right containers for your lifestyle can make choosing healthy foods easier. How do you use containers to make better food choices?