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  • Adventure 212 Corporate Wellness Services
  • Adventure 212 Corporate Wellness Services

Corporate Wellness

Employee health, wellness and productivity are the core business strategies of highly successful companies. At Adventure 212 Fitness, our goal is to work with companies to help them develop and manage health strategies and initiatives for increased employee health and augmented short and long-term corporate profitability.

Progressive companies around the world are learning the role that lifestyle plays in illness and disease. Did You Know…that 75% of all healthcare spending in the US is attributed to unhealthy lifestyles? Businesses are discovering the incredible return on investment achieved by offering a properly designed wellness program for their employees. In fact studies show that every dollar invested in employee wellness provides a return of $5.93! That’s nearly a 600% return on investment.

Corporate Wellness Services

Why Employee Wellness?

Research shows that Employee Wellness Programs have the following benefits:

  • Average 28% reduction in sick days
  • From 26%-50% reduction in employee health costs
  • Average 30% reduction in workers’ compensation and disability claims
  • Increased Recruitment Power and Employee Retention

Adventure 212 Fitness is your connection to powerful corporate wellness services that will help you increase employee health and reduce health-related company costs and losses.

U.S. employees spend most of their waking hours at work. The average work week is nearly 50 hours per week. Take good care of your employees and they will take better care of the company!

Remember… it’s better to prevent health problems than to treat them later.

Biometric Screening  

Biometric screenings can provide your employees with facts about their health while educating them on ways to live a healthier lifestyle. We believe that knowing your results and making small steps towards health goals can make a substantial improvement in your company’s workplace. A report will be provided with information about your company’s health status. Receive accurate information about your employee’s health and begin making changes within your company. Here is a list of what Adventure 212’s Biometric Screening will include:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Measurements - Hip and Waist Ratio
  • Body Composition - Percentage of fat, muscle, bone and water in body
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) - Weight vs. Height


    The Adventure 212 Spa can offer your employees an opportunity to refresh and recharge without leaving the office! Let us bring our services right to your workplace, and allow your employees to experience a relaxing chair massage. Adventure 212 understands that Happy Employees = Productive Employees!

      Next Degree Wellness Tip  

      When the weekend approaches, healthy habits tend to slip away and unhealthy choices creep in. Adventure 212 has designed a bi-weekly tip that keeps your employees motivated on health topics during the weekend. Stop using the weekend as an excuse for unhealthy decisions and take your health to the next degree.

        Corporate Challenges  

        What better way to spark a little competition in the workplace than through a Corporate Wellness Challenge. The culture of Adventure 212 believes that health encompasses more than just physical activity. These challenges focus on the overall health and wellbeing of an individual and are designed to motivate your employees to achieve a common goal. Here are a few challenges Adventure 212 has to offer your business:

        • Monthly Challenges:

          • Taste the Rainbow- I’m not talking about Skittles, I am talking about the rainbow of fruits and vegetables.
          • Water You Waiting For- Are you reaching for your water bottle during the day, or grabbing for a sugary drink?
          • Dream Team- Did you catch enough Z’s during the night to keep you energized during the day?

            8-12 Week Challenges:

            • Inch Towards Success- A weight management program that focuses on reaching weight loss goals by keeping track of our daily exercise and nutritional intake.
            • Portion Distortion – A nutrition based program that focuses on several components of weight gain. Practice portioning out your meals, incorporating healthier food options and keeping track of what you are eating.
            • Fitness for Finances- A financial fitness program that will help you keep track of your spending habits and stretch your dollar further.

          Wellness Seminars  

          Corporate Health & Wellness Seminars provide an exceptional opportunity for employers and human resource managers who recognize that having fit, happy and healthy employees is their company’s single greatest asset. Enjoy an educational and interactive presentation on a health topic that suits your employee’s needs:

          • Portion Control
          • Meal Preparation
          • Body Image / Self-Esteem
          • Weight Management
          • Barriers of Being Physically Active

            Wellness Ambassador  

            Open the doors to wellness at work and begin to see a healthier, more efficient workplace. With new buzz about wellness initiatives happening at your workplace, excitement for health changes will arise. Promote an employee who has a passion for health and wellbeing to assist as the Wellness Ambassador for your company. The Wellness Ambassador will assist the Corporate Wellness Consultant from Adventure 212 in promoting upcoming events, and serve as a leader of wellness at the workplace.

              Incentive Program  

              Incentivize your employees on their participation in wellness services through our incentives program. Our point’s based incentive program will allow your employees to earn points on each of our wellness service. Each wellness service incorporates points your employees can earn that lead to membership discounts at Adventure 212.

                Group Fitness  

                What better way to incorporate movement at work than through an onsite fitness class? Get your employees active and moving during their day at work with the convenience of the class brought right to you! Use group fitness as a great team builder activity!

                  Health Fair  

                  Experts from Adventure 212, along with businesses that have a passion for health and wellness are partnering up to provide Health Fairs for your company. Adventure 212 will offer interactive and engaging activities for your employees while they become educated on different health topics. Host a Health Fair and connect your employees to health resources within the community.

                    Open House  

                    Find out what Adventure 212 has to offer by touring our facility and engaging in an exciting team building activity while you are here. You pick the time and group fitness class and we will provide the fun! All open houses include a healthy refreshment offered by the Mission Coffee House following your class.

                      Couch to 5K Program  

                      Wanting to get more active in community events? Our Couch to 5K running plan will have you set in no time. With little or no running background whatsoever, our running program will transform you from couch potato to regular runner. We will provide your company with our full program as well as bi-weekly running tips delivered to your inbox.

                        Membership Programs Offered  

                        Subsidized: The company decides an amount or percentage that they will pay of their employee’s membership rates. They can choose to pay for part of the cost, or all the cost.

                        Reimbursement: The company pays only for the employees that use their membership, reimbursing their employees a set dollar amount for using the facility. The company decides how many check-ins they require their employees to have each month.

                        **All membership agreements include next degree wellness tip, monthly corporate wellness newsletter, open house and health fair with at least a 5% contribution to your employee’s membership rates. The bigger the investment the more services included!

                        Up to 25% contribution = 1 additional service

                        Up to 50% contribution =2 additional services

                        Up to 75% contribution =3 additional services

                        Up to 100% contribution =4 additional services


                        “We chose to partner with Adventure 212 for the wide range of services they offer: classes, free weights, cardio massages, trainers and holistic chiropractic care.

                        We have gotten great feedback with the variety of services 212 offers to members of our team.”

                        Melissa Jurgensmier, Director of Human Resources - Provident Nutraceutical, Ortho Molecular Products

                        “Being a store stocked with sporting goods and athletic wear, my employees are constantly surrounded by customers interested in fitness and people who are living active lifestyles. It made sense to partner with Adventure 212 to give my employees an opportunity to experience wellness at the core. I personally enjoy coming to Adventure 212 to get my workout in, shoot around a basketball in their gym, and grab a bite to eat at their delicious bistro.”

                        Jason Splinter, Store Manager- Dunham’s Sports

                        “At Wellington Homes, we believe that wellness is an important ingredient to our employees’ wellbeing. We wanted to give our employees opportunity to be healthy. Partnering with Adventure 212 gave our employees access to fitness at its finest. We needed a facility like Adventure 212 to take care of our employees outside of work, and give them the support they needed toward their fitness goals. We are invested in our employees’ health and wellbeing at Wellington Homes. I would recommend that you invest in the wellness of your company through a partnership with Adventure 212, and begin to appreciate each of your employees’ health and wellbeing.”

                        Amber Haferman- Wellington Homes

                        For more information, call Ashley Schmidt at 715-343-0212 ext.213 or email