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Shane Meyer

Shane Meyer - Personal Training Manager

Certification Level: BA - Physcial Education/Coaching, ACSM-HFS

Personality: Serious/Funny & Friendly

Hometown: Rhinelander, WI   

Years training: 3 Years Personal Training, 2 Years Group Fitness


Since Rhinelander elementary school Presidential Physical Fitness through college baseball in Nebraska, fitness and people have been central to my existence.  Even though I graduated with a BA in Physical Education/Coaching,  a compelling desire to share the benefits of exercise with others revived in my late twenties.  Feeling a bit sluggish and out of shape, I greatly reduced my sugar intake and avoided all fast food for nine months effecting a fat loss of 15lbs, not to mention gained more energy than ever.  I realized, again for the first time, how much better life was when I felt fit—I wanted to share it with a fresh conviction.

After six years in the Pacific Northwest, I returned to Wisconsin to join the Adventure 212 team near the end of 2010 as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. With renewed interest in human performance and exercise physiology, I returned for a year of health/science classes at UWSP to further my formal education and also obtain the Health and Fitness Specialist certification from the American College of Sports Medicine.   After two years of training I left 212, accepting the position of General Manager at a nationally known fitness center where I was blessed to learn management/ leadership principles from experts in the fitness industry .  Fast forward two more years and I’m now privileged to work with the finest personal trainers in central Wisconsin as Adventure 212’s Director of Fitness.  Our philosophy is always centered on delivering on promises, celebrating results and earning our client’s loyalty one inspiring session at a time.  There are no short cuts on the path to a life style of fitness. 

You may see my lovely wife Angela outside I with our two active dogs (beagle and hound) exploring the city or hiking around Standing Rocks.  That’s a little about me, but you are more important.  I’m here to serve our members in any way possible and I’m convinced personal training is a powerful, positive life changing experience.

Thanks for checking us out and when you’re ready to make the change and get results, let us help!

Certifications: BA- Physical Education/Coaching; ACSM - Health & Fitness Specialist

Training Philosophy: I believe we are created to be physically active.  This means the failure to participate in regular conditioning corrupts the proper function of our physical bodies—adversely affecting our entire existence. This also means I believe exercise is restorative in power.   Life is to be lived fully and fitness is one important, essential component of that experience.  I like the saying, “where excuses end, results begin.”  I’ve lived it, I know it’s true. 

Program Philosophy:  As a team, we believe in excellence and accountability.  Great personal training programs begin with well-equipped, passionate trainers.  Our entire personal training team meets weekly either individually with me or as a group to improve our industry knowledge and review client performance.  We also believe life-change is difficult!  When you succeed you need to be recognized.  Don’t be surprised when you see training client success stories (we call them “WINS”) on our Facebook page, we love to celebrate your success!