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  • Pat Woods
     Pat Woods lost about 50lbs on her own then hit the dreaded plateau. Her hard work was producing limited results. Pat started personal training the day she joined Adventure 212 and after five short months she was able to lose more than 30 additional pounds. Personal training not only offered her expert knowledge and refreshing workout variety, she found herself motivated to exercise throughout the week. She is now ecstatic with the extra energy she has throughout the day and increased quality of life.  
  • Before & After
     Before I started training I not only weighed 246lbs, I was always tired and sluggish during and after work at night. I’m proud to report I’m now at 215lbs and dropping but more importantly I’ve renewed my energy and focus-- I’m feeling like a different person. 
  • Sondra
      Sondra has dropped almost 60lbs and has kept it off! Her motivation and confidence has gone from low to higher than ever—she credits her relationship with her trainer as the difference!