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Dylan Clucas

Joe BeCraft

Certification Level: ACE-CPT


Personality: Consistent, Cheerful, Social and Determined.

Hometown: Baraboo, WI

Health and Wellness Specialties: Athletic Training, Wellness Consulting, Sports Performance Training and Strength Training.

Sports Training: Basketball, Track and Field, Football and Soccer.

Bio: To work with athletes and progress them in their abilities has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I had been training as an athlete since I could compete, participating in 3 sports in high school as well as making rosters in college for basketball and track and field. I look forward to working with athletes excel in their craft and sharpen their coordination, help develop explosive movements and build a dominating attitude. My desire is to continue to work with anyone who wishes to feel better about their movement, their strength and their energy in hopes to leave a positive impact in the community.

Certifications: ACE-CPT

Training Philosophy: Get 1% better every day.

Why I'm So Passionate about Fitness: I’m passionate about fitness because I love seeing people achieve goals and reach limits they didn’t see possible to start.

The Reason I Became a Personal Trainer: To pursue my desire to progress in my own goals, to help make the community a healthier place and to work with athletes excel in their sports.

My Approach to Training People: My training philosophy is to help you reach long term goals by getting better every day. I accept people where they are and help them improve 1% at a time.

The Most Important Aspect of Fitness: Wellness to the body translates to wellness in all other areas of life.