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Dylan Clucas

Dylan Clucas

Certification Level: NETA-CPT


Personality: Fun & Relaxed

Availability: Mornings and early evenings

Hometown: Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Years training: 4

Health and Wellness Specialties: Functional Movement, Weight Management, Strength & Conditioning.

Sports Training: HIIT, Bootcamp, Wrestling, Football, Boxing, Cycling

Certifications: NETA-CPT, B.S. in Exercise Science Training

Philosophy: Get 1% better everyday! The Reason I Became a Personal Trainer: To help people! It’s my passion to see people reach their goals and succeed. Why I'm So Passionate about Fitness: Being a part of the fitness community has given me the opportunity to meet and connect with so many great people. Working as a trainer has given me such a wider perspective on life. My Approach to Training People: It’s about the journey. No matter the obstacles or setbacks, you’ll be forever grateful that you’ve started down the path to a healthier life. The Most Important Aspect of Fitness: That no matter your age or ability, fitness is for everyone! It’s never too late to start. Success Stories: My favorite success stories are, when I have a client that has no experience with fitness, slowly transforms themselves into someone that shines with confidence in the gym.