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Let's Have an Injury-Free Summer

Summer is here (the calendar says) and we are in the thick of my favorite season. Culturally, activity and summer go together like hot dogs and ketchup. Though the weather may not be cooperating with my summer activities, our local athletes have geared up for another great summer of competition.

One thing many of us neglect, including athletes, is the general maintenance our bodies need. Nutrition, hydration, sleep are all concepts that are not unique and are readily recognized and addressed. However, I would propose that we should include injury awareness in that list as well.

Many studies have been published which demonstrate the risk factors for injury in many sports. For example, a soccer player with hip weakness is at increased risk for knee injuries. Baseball pitchers with weakness in the muscles that support their shoulder blade are at risk for shoulder problems. The list goes on and some sports and teams are doing a great job of addressing these factors. However, it is very common for injury awareness to be neglected, and this results in lost playing time for the athlete- recreational or competitive.

So what is to be done? Many will turn to the internet for information, and there is plenty of information to be found, unfortunately not all that you find is relevant, current or accurate. I would encourage you to stop in and ask our physical therapists (PT’s) what you can do to prepare for your activities. PT’s are trained in biomechanics and anatomy; all of the therapists at Point Forward are uniquely trained in injury prevention. We offer free screenings and would be happy to give you advice on how what you can do to stay active through the best season of the year. Whether you are playing soccer with classmates or knocking it dead on a pickleball court, we have lots of advice on how to stay healthy and injury free.

John Jaeger, MPT

To schedule an appointment or attend a running presentation at 212, please contact us (715) 254-3978.

Point Forward Physical Therapy is a unique physical therapy clinic in that it provides services utilizing the Adventure 212 facility. The facility contains a warm water pool for aquatic therapy and allows us to care for our patients in an environment which is unparalleled in the Stevens Point area.

Our therapists are highly trained in treating the whole person utilizing research based methods. We also prioritize the education of our patients on the fastest way to return to the activities they enjoy. Learn more