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Corporate Health and Wellness Seminars

Corporate Health & Wellness Seminars provide an exceptional opportunity for employers and human resource managers who recognize that having fit, happy and healthy employees is their company’s single greatest asset.
Below is a small sample of speaking topics presented by our experts at Adventure 212 Fitness:

Nutrition At Work: Eating Healthy On The Road And At The Office

Do your co-workers try to sabotage your healthy eating habits or do you have trouble making healthy decisions while on the road? Learn how to navigate through a menu to make healthier decisions on the run and learn to lead the way to a healthier, happier office.

Nutrition 101: The ABC’s of Good Nutrition

Discover the basics to good nutritional eating.

Make the Food and Mood Connection

Learn how to distinguish true hunger from impulsive emotional hunger. Learn techniques to control binging and overeating.

Portion Distortion

Food is everywhere and in mass quantities. Learn to choose appropriate servings for each food group and become a master at controlling your portions.

Eating Healthy On The Run

Always on the run and always making bad food decisions? Eating healthy when eating out is not impossible. Learn how to navigate through a menu and how to make healthy choices.

How To Eat – Just Not Too Much

Learn how many calories a person should consume in a day and how metabolism and exercise can affect calorie intake.

How To Maintain a Healthy Weight Through The Holiday’s & Beyond

The average person gains 6-10 pounds during the holidays. Don’t be one of the many. Learn how to stay trim but still enjoy all the holiday goodies.

What is that you are eating? Knowing the Food Label and Maneuvering the Grocery Store

Learn how to read a food label and make wise decisions about what you put into your body. We’ll also help you learn to avoid the marketing pitfalls at the supermarket. (Option available to meet at a local grocery store.)

Good Fat

Is there such a thing? Learn about the world of trans-fats, saturated fats, unsaturated fats, good fatty acids, and their effects on the body. Learn how good fats could actually aid weight-loss.

Carbs, Carbs, Carbs!

Learn how sugars affect your body’s energy level and fat storing. Find out which carbs to avoid and those you shouldn’t.

Food as Medicine

Did you know you can use your food for more than just calories? Learn to choose the most nutrient-packed foods to achieve optimum health.

Comfort Food

Explore the social aspects of food. Learn tips to manage social eating and how to embrace the enjoyment that comes from it.


Is there anything missing in your diet to help you accomplish your nutrition goals? We’ll answer your questions about supplements. Which are good ones? Why they are good. What they are good for?

Other Topics Include: Body Image in Women, Meal Planning, Body Image in the Media, Goal Setting, Finding Balance, Heart Health, Emotional Connection to Food, Sweets-Going Beyond Table Sugar, Fad Diets, Heaping Holiday Helpings, Stomach Groans and Hormones, Gluten Free, Healthy on the Wallet, and Press the Stress.