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Thursday 6 July 2017

Why Yoga and Strength Training is the Perfect Combo!

Posted by at 3:50 PM

Why Yoga and Strength Training is the Perfect Combo!
You may be the type of person that either loves Yoga or hates it. Then there are the people who tolerate it, or do not understand it. For those yoga haters, what if you knew that yoga could help your strength training and vice versa? Our yoga lovers may already know this. Stay with me if you want to find out more.
1. Strong and Flexible
Yoga helps build natural strength, while strength training is great for building muscle. For the yoga lovers, it is important to note that strength training WILL improve your yoga poses. Just another way to deepen your practice!
2. Explosion and Endurance
When you are full body lifting at the gym, you activate your fast-twitch fiber muscle when you lift weights explosively helping you develop power and speed. In yoga, you practice at a slower pace which helps activate your slow-twitch fiber muscle helping build endurance. Note that it is important to practice both in order to maintain balance between the two.
3. Aggression and Relaxation
It’s common trend for weight lifters to get “pumped up” before lifting heavy weight and strength train using progressive loading. This style helps develop controlled aggression. In yoga, whether you are doing a challenging pose or a more simple pose, you relaxed at the end. Both practices are perfect ways to ward off stress. Try one, or both!
4. Mind, Body, & Soul
Whether you like to let loose in the gym, pound on the pavement, or swim in the pool; yoga helps nourish the mind, body, and soul. Yoga will give you extra energy throughout the day, keeping you from reaching for that afternoon coffee or cookie = shedding some lbs. Give yoga a try to keep that annoying voice inside your head at bay.
5. Muscle tone!
Gym rats, this is for you. Weight training helps build more muscle, which is more appealing to the eye. Especially in the summer months. Strength training also helps provide a metabolism boost, helping you burn fat all day! Yogis! Give some weights a try!