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Tuesday 22 April 2014

Sweet Potatoes, Cause Millions of Flamingos Couldn’t Be Wrong

Posted by at 4:24 PM

Sweet Potatoes, Cause Millions of Flamingos Couldn’t Be Wrong

A long since staple of a healthy diet, sweet potatoes have been a best selling menu fixture in the Bistro for years.  Rich in Beta Carotene (the pigment which gives Flamingos their color and is converted into Vitamin A in our bodies) a single serving of this (almost dessert-like) tuber may contain over a 1/3 of our daily vitamin requirements.  Vitamin A also helps us maintain healthy skin as well as promote good vision.  High in antioxidants, the “body protectors” which have shown to prevent heart disease and some cancers, sweet potatoes might literally “keep the doctor away”.     

To maximize this nutrient dense supermarket staple, use a little olive oil when you cook or eat your sweet potatoes.  Our bodies, it seems, better absorb the Beta Carotene when a little fat is consumed with them.   

To get your daily dose of this super-food, see “Sweet Potato Fries” on the Bistro menu, and join us for lunch, because we want to cook for you!

- Salvatore Friedel