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Monday 10 July 2017

Holiday Hangover

Posted by at 10:58 AM

Holiday Hangover

Post Holiday Weekend High

Yikes! Back to reality after time off work, and time spent with family, friends, and FOOD :)

Why is it so hard for us to go back to work after a holiday? The answer varies for all, but it is most likely because we tend to be the most “present” on vacation. We make the most and take in every single moment. Maximizing the time we have, while we can.

The best way to jump back into work, is to do the same thing. Instead of dreading that meeting with your boss, think about how you can be so present in the moment in order to really learn or collaborate on a new idea.

The same goes for fitness. Maybe you are dying to hit the gym and burn some cals; or you’re feeling exhausted and are still thinking about ways to extend your vacation. Living in the present moment can be applied to this too. Instead of dreading your workout, slow it down. Really think about how rep is making you stronger. If you are a yogi, focus on the breath and deep breathing practices that yoga is best for. This will help you regain the mindful state you were in before vacation. If you are a crossfit junkie, try to push someone else to do their best. Pushing them will motivate you in return!

Vacation and holidays are so welcomed and always well deserved, but it’s important to be mindful and present within each day to live our best life.