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Thursday 12 June 2014

Avocado, The Wonderful Fruit
Avocado, The Wonderful Fruit

Posted by at 9:03 PM

Avocado, The Wonderful Fruit

Avocado, The Wonderful Fruit

As I live in Waupaca, driving to work every day is a thirty minute commute.  Lately, to pass the time I’ve been listening to (sports talk-show radio) “Mike and Mike” in the morning….funny since (aside from the Packers, which is more religion than sport) I don’t enjoy watching sports on television.  Anyways, the other day they were advertising for Subway and preaching the virtues of avocado, Subway’s featured seasonal add-on ingredient.  And, since our “Spicy Turkey Avocado” wrap continues to be the Bistro’s best selling menu item, I thought a bit of research would be appropriate.

I know that many people stay away from avocado because of its fat content, but a closer look shows that there are such things as healthy fats.  A local article in Natural New says “This source of monosaturated fat has high levels of potassium” and “aids in balancing sodium levels required by your body”.  And, with the popular low carb diets of today, consumption of healthy fats like avocado is necessary to balancing your nutrient intake.  Containing all essential amino acids, avocados are also rich in Beta Carotene (a Vitamin A rich pigment normally associated with Reddish-Orange hued vegetables) and have been found to protect against liver damage in laboratory animals.

There is a strong case for organic farming practices.  And, with the pesticides used to keep your over-produced supermarket fruits and vegetables looking pristine, taking a bite out of your favorite apple might do more harm than good.  Avocados though, enclosed in a thick skin, have their own natural protection from these harmful chemicals…making them (according to some) safe for consumption, even if they’re not organic. 

As it seems Subway and “Mike and Mike” have not laid false claims to the health benefits of the avocado, I will eat more in the future.  And, if you haven’t had our most popular wrap yet, come see us soon in the Bistro 212 for a Spicy Turkey Avocado wrap, because we want to cook for you!