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Wednesday 25 June 2014

“Coffee and Espresso make me a better human being.”
“Coffee and Espresso make me a better human being.”

Posted by at 12:53 PM

“Coffee and Espresso make me a better human being.”

I worked in a kitchen in Italy, and was told (by the locals) that my Tiramisu was exceptional.  I felt flattered when I would catch servers sneaking into my pastry cooler to steal them during service.  And, as the entire staff was treated like family and given free reign over food and drink I was breaking no rules by letting them devastate my dessert inventory.  (Tiramisu, for those that are not familiar, is an Italian dessert made with sweetened cream cheese and espresso soaked cookies.)  The literal translation of the Italian word Tiramisu is “to pick you up”, referring to the caffeine in the dessert.  And, as many of us are lethargic without our morning “cup of Joe” it seems there is research to support many meanings of the phrase “to pick you up”.  Coffee and Espresso, it seems, also fight depression.

According to, “if you drink four or more cups of coffee a day, you are 10% less likely to experience depression than someone who has never stepped foot inside a Starbucks.”  Coffee’s ability to pick you up is linked to a few sources with much of the research suggesting their antioxidant qualities.  This study suggests that not all caffeinated drinks will supply this mood boost as sugary colas which are high in caffeine are actually linked to depression and artificially sweetened colas even more so. 

Some speculate that the data to back up the statement, “coffee fights depression” is weak.  But, I think two very important practical reasons support these claims:  Mood has long been linked to the body’s ability to regulate waste, and coffee is a natural laxative.  Also, if it is only the caffeine in the coffee that gives us that perk, at least it is (at its freshly brewed) a drink without sugar.  And, as exercise and staying active promote emotional wellness, maybe those first couple cups of coffee are the catalysts needed to spark physical movement. 

Regardless of the research, I am going to keep drinking coffee until a doctor tells me it’s going to kill me.   Emy J’s roasts our beans for our 212 Bistro, supplying us with Organic and Fair-trade coffee which we are proud to serve for you.  And, if you’re in for a cup, stay for breakfast or lunch, because we want to cook for you!

Chef Sal J